A Great White Shark Leaping Out Of The Water Is Almost Unbelievable

great white shark

My brain can almost not compute this…

Great white sharks are obviously the apex predator of the sea. They reach 20 feet in length, 5,000 pounds in weight, and have a mouthful of razor sharp teeth that can bite with a mindboggling 18,216 Newtons. For reference, a pit bull’s bite is around 1,045 Newtons and an alligator’s is around 16,000.

They can swim at speeds of up to 25 mph, can reach depths of 3,900 feet, and have no known natural predators, other than on very rare occasions orcas, meaning pretty much no sea creature is safe anywhere in the ocean…

Oh yeah, they can also breach the surface and send themselves soaring through the air, reaching heights of over 10 feet.

Their breaching behavior is extremely hard to document due to them using it as a tactic to hunt seals, which makes this incredible footage even more astounding.

A videographer captured a monster great white breaching near the shoreline in Mossell Bay, South Africa while chasing a seal decoy used by scientists to monitor the enigmatic behavior of the killing machine.

Just take a look at this… I almost don’t believe it.

Don’t think I’ll be swimming in South Africa anytime soon…

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