Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Says Beth Is Going To Be In Trouble In Season 5: “We Get To See Beth Squirm A Bit”

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It’s no secret that Beth Dutton has made quite a few enemies over the past four seasons of Yellowstone with her relentless attitude, take no prisoners mentality, and deep-rooted loyalty to her family.

And now that season five is officially here, there are many more enemies that are coming after her and her family.

From Caroline Warner and Sarah Atwood at Market Equities, to the people that dislike her family being in office now that John has been elected governor of Montana, and hell, even the girl at the bar that tried to flirt with Rip (who she viciously smacked upside the head with a beer bottle).

With that being said, Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth on the show, recently sat down for an interview with Town & Country to discuss the conflict and enemies she’ll be facing throughout season five.

Reilly admitted that for the first time, she may be in a bit over her head:

“She lives off conflict. She has to feed off it. She gets energy from it.

Later this season there are some really great episodes and moments where it may not be going her way, and she gets herself into a little bit of trouble, and it’s out of her recklessness. We get to see Beth squirm a bit, which is interesting to see how that plays out.”

And she’s not just talking about the bar fight… it’s gonna get worse.

On top of that, Reilly also notes that her brutal past growing up still haunts Beth, which of course is in part why she acts out of reckless abandon:

“Haunted by herself, haunted by her own actions, inactions maybe. That’s not something that you suddenly, over one season, just [get over and] find happiness.

So I relate to the fact that there are things that she can’t get over, even though I, Kelly, would love her to find peace with some things so she can maybe linger in some happiness.

There is a version in my mind where her and Rip just go build a house together somewhere and live quietly. But right now, her world is pretty much on fire.”

She also adds that at the end of the day, she still is, and forever will be incredibly devoted to Rip, especially now that they are married:

“I think she’s always been devoted to Rip. I think there’s an old fashioned quality to Beth, actually, that marrying him was really important. The wedding wasn’t important. What she wore wasn’t important, who was there wasn’t important, but just being his wife.

That is something that she would find truly powerful and important and would take very seriously. She is such a conundrum, that you can have such a reckless, fierce character, but actually what is important to her is family.”

If you’re looking for a recap of Episode 3, here it is:

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A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock