Whitetail Buck Tries To Shake Off Attacking Coyote Clamped Down On Its Legs

deer coyote

What in the…

That was certainly an unexpected ending to this encounter.

Whitetail deer have a rough go of it. Everything wants to eat them from the time they are born, until the day they die, whether its hawks and bobcats to bears and people. Every single meat-eating being on Earth would love to get their teeth into some of that delicious venison.

Coyotes are a lot of people’s least favorite predator. They aren’t as cool as wolves, although they’re less dangerous to livestock, and they are typically run in high populations just about everywhere. They love to go after deer and other smaller game animals, as well as chickens and the occasional pet.

They breed fast and generally can grow their populations large as long as there is enough food, which means they have potential to greatly impact the deer populations.

Farmers also hate them as they often will take out cattle at night in packs. Although coyotes don’t typically live in packs they will group up to be social and take on larger animals. They can be a true pest.

If you didn’t already dislike them here’s some more fuel to the fire.

This man spotted a beauty white-tailed buck. The deer seems to acting a little funny in the presence of a human, but not totally out of the norm.

The man approaches to get a better look at this buck, but as he nears, the deer stands up and starts kicking, trying to throw the coyote it has attached to its hinds legs.

As the deer runs, the coyote hangs on for dear life, jaw clamped tight.

It’s almost funny seeing the coyote hold on to the jumping deer but also, you just hate to see a beauty buck pestered by one of these damn things.

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