Two Wild Boars Fight Their Way Down A Hill In California

wild boar

For some reason this struck me as unexpected…

We see all kinds of wild animal videos here, from deer fighting off coyotes, to bobcats battling rattlesnakes, to rams violently butting heads with each other, but quite honestly I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video of two wild boar going after it.

Of course, I know all about how boars charge hunters in the woods, but for some reason my brain never put it together that if they’ll fight humans, they’ll sure as hell battle each other, and that’s exactly what we see in this video.

Taken on a ranch on the Sonoma/Mendocino County line in California, a guy captured a great video of two wild boars fighting it out over what I assume is a territory dispute.

The two start somewhat peacefully, but as they get closer it becomes clear they don’t very much like their personal space being encroached upon. They begin a drawn out fight that moves them further and further down the hill, with one seeming to be the dominant one by how easily he pushes the other away from where the fight began.

It is funny how they keep pausing to eat some grass, but when you remember they’re sporting sharp tucks you realize that one wrong move in the scrambles could mean a pretty serious wound.

And wounded animals don’t last long in the wild…

Hopefully the guy eventually put down the camera, picked up a shotgun, and took home some delicious wild ham steaks, but hey, we appreciate the heck out of the video.

Nothing beats a good nature video.

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