Cow Moose Spotted With Twin White Moose Young In Norway

White moose

You don’t see that every day…

It’s one thing to come across a leucistic animal or an albino. But, it’s a whole new ball game when we are talking about twins. It’s just WAY rare…

As a nature lover and outdoorsmen, this is as cool as it gets.

Norway is home to a healthy moose population but that doesn’t mean seeing a white one is common, because it is not. There are said to be well over 100,000 moose in the country but estimates say only around 1 in 100,000 are born white… so I’m no mathematician, but there’s like… one of them.

That’s insane to think that this person spotted two at once.

The odds are against them that both calves survived given basic life cycle dynamics. But, it’s crazy to think that two white moose were born at the same time.

The white color on moose is a rare genetic variation that occurs once in a blue moon. It creates the opposite color way of your typically dark brown nearly black moose.

This man captured a video showing a normal mother moose with her two calves that were completely white.

That would almost be unbelievable to see.

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