Woman Approaches Koala On Roadside, Hilariously Falls A** Backwards When It Charges Her

Koala lady

Ahh, I see that people are the same everywhere.

This stuff doesn’t just happen around North America, it happens clear across the globe.

Maybe it will take a global campaign to straighten these folks out…

Time and time again we see people roadside, thinking they can speak wildlife, as if its all one language. Let me be the first to tell yas… it won’t work.

No matter what country you are in, there’s wildlife, and without knowledge it can wind up being a dangerous situation.

Even if that animal is one of the cutest out there, like a koala “bear.”

They are one of the coolest animals out there, although, while often referred to as “bears” that’s not actually the case, they are a marsupial.

They sleep most of their day away and are only about 2 to 3 feet in length. They aren’t known to typically be aggressive towards humans but it can happen if you put yourself in harms way and make them feel threatened. They have sharp teeth and claws, that despite their size will still ruin your day.

This lady didn’t get the memo though.

She is seen roadside in Australia trying to talk to the koala like it’s a teddy bear.

As she continues to bug the wild koala, it decides it had enough. The animal charges at her as the men in the vehicle crack up.

As it gets to her it tries to grab her leg. The woman pulls it back and completely yard sales it onto her back.

Sorry, but I just can’t stop laughing.

When panic sets in, she goes ass backwards on the pavement, with a full audience cars on the side of the road it appears… classic.

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