Watch Sierra Ferrell Perform Unreleased New Song, “I Can Drive You Crazy”

Sierra Ferrell Country Music

I think we are seeing new music on the horizon from Sierra Ferrell, and I’m pumped.

On Ferrell’s most recent tour stint in Australia, she debuted a new song to the crowd titled “I Can Drive You Crazy.”

The tune is very folk heavy and has a very different sound than her debut album, Long Time Coming. Although different, it still fits her Appalachia-inspired sound.

Ferrell plays the fiddle on the tune while she is accompanied by the small band she travels with.

The lyrics are witty, while the song’s melody is mature. The line, “And I’ll pull you over like a small town cop… I can drive you crazy, yes I can,” she sings in the second verse, is just so clever.

Ferrell’s songwriting ability amazes me each time. With deep underlying meanings, causal delivery through her vocal range is impressive.

Ferrell is well on her way to being a force to be reckoned with in the country music world. She is really stepping into her own as an artist and is continually evolving her sound, keeping listeners coming back for more.

If this is a taste of her new music, I think I will love the rest of her work.

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