Minnesota Vikings Got Duped Into Honoring Adult Film Star Johnny Sins During Salute To Military Members

Minnesota Vikings

Taking Ls on and off the field.

It was a rough go in Minnesota yesterday, as the Vikings got a good ol’ fashioned ass-whoppin’ handed to them by the Dallas Cowboys.

And if that 40-3 spanking wasn’t bad enough, the Minnesota Vikings accidentally showed some love to another man famous for his own kind of spankings.

In honor of our nation’s brave military members, the Vikes requested that fans send in stories of their loved ones who are serving for a chance to win some tickets.

And Kyle here, shared a picture of his cousin Joel, who serves in the Army.

“This is my cousin Joel who served in the Army. He has always been an inspiration and someone I look up to for his heroism. He is also a HUGE Vikes fan #skolsalute”


However, that dude is not named Joel, and he’s not in the Army…

It’s Steven Wolfe better known as Johnny Sins, a well-known American male porn star.

And despite being quite famous in his respective industry, there are plenty out there who have no idea who this guy is… like the Minnesota Vikings.

So, nobody on the Vikings media team clearly had any clue who Johnny Sins was, and they shared the post on their jumbotron during their game against the Dallas Cowboys last night.

I never saw this live, but you can imagine a ton of fans were losing their shit in the stands.

Tough scene out there in Minnesota…

And needless to say, Twitter took note of it as well:

Even Johnny himself got a kick out of it.

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A beer bottle on a dock