A Shed Antler Christmas Tree Is A Must-Have For Any Hunter This Holiday Season

Antler tree

I mean, just look at this thing.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

It’s magnificent. It’s a work of art.

Who wouldn’t want one of these things in their man cave? Or hell, in their living room?

After his wife Meggan suggested replacing the artificial tree they usually put up around the holidays, Jeff Jester of Arkansas decided to make his own tree. And he used all of the deer antler sheds that he had collected over the years according to Fox News.

Jester said that he’s had the antlers put away in bins in his workshop for several years, and that his wife had been wanting him to do something with them. So when she asked for a new Christmas tree, Jeff decided to lay out the antlers from large to small and get to work building them into a Christmas tree.

He estimates that he and his wife put 15 or 16 hours into making the tree, crediting Meggan for helping him out and being “the creative one.”

And Meggan is clearly the wife of the year, not just for letting him put this beauty up in their house, but for being just as excited about it as Jeff was.

Now that people have seen his masterpiece, Jeff says that he’s been getting requests from others to make them their own antler tree, and that it’s something they’re looking into. So maybe by next year, you’ll be able to buy one of these babies to put your own presents under.

But as for Jeff and Meggan, the couple says that this will likely be the last Christmas tree they ever own, because Jeff says he has no plans of ever taking it down.

I mean, look at it – why would you take that beauty down?

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock