Young Boy Loses His Mind Watching A Muskie Chow Down On A Muskrat

Fish muskrat

You gotta love it.

A kid witnessing nature at work and just being absolutely amazed by it… it’s no secret why love for the outdoors generally starts at a young age.

And when it’s something this cool, it’s even better.

A muskrat isn’t exactly a small animal. By no means is it big, but it’s large for any fish to be after. They can weigh up to about 5 pounds but it’s not often fish try and eat something that large.

Usually they would target another fish, but this muskie saw the opportunity and decided he was eatin’ good today.

The video starts with a young boy absolutely losing his mind as you notice a fair-sized muskie with a muskrat in its mouth on White Bear Lake, just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

 “Okay, so this giant I don’t even know what is eating a freaking muskrat right now.”

“Dude, it’s under the dock. Holy crap!”

Innocence and pure joy.

I think these boys need to tie on some bigger bait and try to catch one of these monsters.

The musky swims back and forth waiting for the muskrat to have its last breath. You don’t see it swallow it, but I can say with almost certainty that this muskrat met his maker with grip the big predator fish had on him.

There’s a fishing memory these young bucks will remember forever and will probably keep them running back to the water for years to come.

Nature is awesome, even when it’s a little violent.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock