Benjamin Watson Was Ready To Beat Peter Burns’ A** For Making A Joke About His Wife On Air

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Awkward moment between Benjamin Watson and Peter Burns during the halftime report of the Florida Vanderbilt game on ESPN’s SEC Network.

The group reporting consisted of Burns, Watson, Chris Doeren and Takeo Spikes, who started talking about their suits. With Watson the only member of the crew in a lighter colored suit, Burns made a comment that he didn’t get the memo.

Watson said as long as his wife texts him that he looks good, he doesn’t mind:

“As long as I get a text from my wife that says that I look good… send me the text, baby, send me the text.”

That’s went Burns went off-script with a comment that appeared to start a fight:

“That’s not the text she sent me.”

A pretty standard locker room kind of wife/mom joke from Burns (not the kind you make on air), but Watson definitely took exception to it.

As the camera cut to came game footage ahead of a commercial break, and you could hear some kind of commotion back in the studio. When we got back from commercial, Burns and Watson were no longer there.

Watson quickly returned to the set, looking PISSED, even slamming his phone down on the table.

And to throw a little more gas on the fire with the Will Smith reference:

“Did you have him keep your wife’s name out of his mouth?”

Watson was not amused.

It’s unclear if there was some kind of physical altercation during the commercial break, but whatever happened, it wasn’t pretty.

However, the too appeared to patch things up moving forward.

Although, Watson still doesn’t look amused:

Roll the Will Smith tape…

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