Deer Freaks Out When Squirrel Jumps On Its Face At The Bird Feeder


Well, this isn’t your typical backyard.

In fact, I’ve never heard of anything happening like this. Which kind of comes as a surprise given the fact that deer will always try to eat bird feed, a snack that squirrels tend to love so much.

A deer on average weighs around 100-pounds while your average squirrel is well under a pound. A deer should be able to have their way with any squirrel that approaches, even an extra big one.

That being said, an aggressive squirrel is a rarity, and I’m sure this deer was pretty spooked.

This deer is seen in your average backyard feeding on some bird seed. Not a bad deal for the deer, an easy and nutritious meal.

The only issue is a little bit of healthy competition. The squirrels have her surrounded and want their way with the food too.

The deer wants to share the food in peace, but one squirrel isn’t having it.

As it creeps in close to the deer, the squirrel goes full attack mode jumping straight onto the deer’s head. The deer thrashes and jumps high into the air sending the squirrel flying too. The deer makes its way back into the woods away from the crazy squirrel and the squirrel gets what it wants.

Talk about a wild fighter for being so small.

It has to be high up on the pound-for-pound rankings…

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