Cole Chaney Proves He’s Country Music’s Hidden Gem With Performance Of Unreleased “The Unsatisfied”

Cole Chaney country music

Cole Chaney is truly a star in the making.

The Kentucky native has been making a name for himself in the public eye. Although, if you follow Red Barn Radio religiously, like me, you first heard of him when he took that stage two years ago.

His debut album, Mercy, is filled with stellar songwriting, bluegrass and Appalachia roots, and phenomenal vocals. If you haven’t given that a listen yet, I’d highly recommend it.

Most recently, he took a seat with one of my favorite country music YouTube channels, Western AF, to sing an unreleased song, “The Unsatisfied.”

Chaney introduces this fantastic tune by giving context to the lyrics.

“I wrote it about the life of my experience being a traveling musician, and I’m in the thick of that right now, so I just figured it would be appropriate.” 

The lyrics he wrote for this tune are great. Being a musician is not easy, and he touches on how each day is a coin toss of making money, meeting people that can help you get to the next step, and full of working hard and hustling.

The chorus touches on the notion that even though it’s not the life for everyone, it fulfills him. And he would rather live this life that might not be perfect, than be unsatisfied.

I would love for this tune to be released on streaming platforms sooner rather than later. It’s just so damn good.

Cole Chaney is a hidden gem in country music right now, and this video gives you proof.

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