Zach Bryan Teases Another New Song, And Shocker, It’s Pretty Damn Good

Zach Bryan country music

Cue the meme…

The hottest thing in country music, hell maybe all of music, took to Twitter today to share a clip of an unreleased song that if history repeats itself, will most likely be seemingly randomly released on streaming platforms at some random midnight coming soon…

He had floated some of these lyrics in a tweet from just a few days ago.

Right on cue, he followed up with a recording like the legend in the making always does, putting up a minute clip and these lyrics are hitting me hard…

Take a look at some of these lines:

“And it was my mistake cause she ever said a thing about Jesus
I miss my mother’s southern drawl and her praying through the walls in the evening.

Give me my dawn back
Cause everything that dies makes it’s way on back
I lost her last July in a heart attack
I need one small victory…”

Add in the grunt and grit in his delivery and we may be in for another “Burn, Burn, Burn” moment…

Hats off Zach… maybe drop it tonight?

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A beer bottle on a dock