Salmon Swim For Their Lives In Inches Of Water Across Pavement


That’s a sight to see…

A sight I never thought I would see. But, I do have one question: where’s the fishing rod?

Those are some beauties making their way across the road.

Salmon make big spawning runs where they leave the ocean to end their lives off spreading their genetics in the rivers they came from. It’s part of their life cycle and a beautiful thing to see.

The salmon run up the freshwater rivers and streams as far as they can make it before the change in water overcomes and causes them to lose all energy and die off.

These runs are what creates a food source for many animals, specifically bears.

A rise in water levels can send the salmon places they haven’t been in a long time. Changes to the ecosystem from less friendly construction from humans sometimes throws a kink in their plans.

These fish were able to use high rains to get where they wanted to go.

As water rushes across the road, the salmon make a run for it.

They are seen literally swimming in inches of water going across pavement.

This is pretty remarkable.

Imagine seeing a fish crossing sign and then coming across something like this.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock