Yellowstone Stories From The Bunkhouse: Ian Bohen (Ryan) Confesses To Not Recognizing Finn Little (Carter) On Set

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After what felt like forever since the finale of season four, Yellowstone season five is officially here, as it premiered last Sunday.

In episode one, we got acclimated to John Dutton’s election as governor of Montana, Jamie’s return to the family now that they’ve reached the political realm, the ranch hands getting acclimated to popularity after John hosted his election party at the ranch, and we also get a first look at Lainey Wilson’s character, Abby, who strikes up a conversation with Ryan. The episode also ends with a brutal car wreck Monica and Tate got in, after striking a bison in the middle of the road.

Episode two premiered right after the first, so you know what that means…

Yellowstone is back with “Stories from the Bunkhouse,” featuring Jefferson White (Jimmy), Ian Bohen (Ryan), and Denim Richards (Colby) to share their perspective on episode two.

They kick things off by discussing Finn Little’s character Carter, and his insane growth between season four and season five, and they all agreed that he looked borderline unrecognizable.

Especially Ian Bohen who confessed he didn’t even recognize him:

“We got on set this year and he was walking around doing stuff and I was like, ‘Who’s that? Who’s the new guy?'”

They also discuss Carter having to saddle up John’s horse, which ends HORRIBLY, so they play a hilarious game called “Would you or would you not want to saddle up JD’s horse?”

Needless to say, they were all terrified to have any responsibility of any of John’s possessions.

They also discuss which prison they’d rather be in, Beth’s prison or the state prison.

Bohen hilariously admits:

“That’s obviously a no-brainer. My biggest fear in the world is confinement, torture. (Beth’s prison) freedom, you’re running around doing shit.”

White admits:

“Beth can be incredibly cruel and vindictive. Generally speaking, people who piss off Beth don’t last very long. Jamie’s lasted longer than anybody. Over the last four seasons we’ve basically seen Beth torturing Jamie.”

However, Bohen also said Beth’s a ticking time bomb:

“She can turn around on a dime and be like, ‘You, come here,’ and then blow up your life.”

They then discuss hunting the wolves that’ve made their way from Yellowstone National Park to the ranch, killing their livestock.

However, the wolves they’ve killed have collars that record their movements for research purposes, so killing them is highly illegal.

Bohen recalls:

“Colby and I, we go out with these thermal imaging telescopes, and we kill them. It’s bad, and then to have it done on the governor’s, it’s a mess.”

He then recalls how pissed Rip was in the scene, even though he’s the one who told them to hunt them.

Check it out:

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