Rabid Bobcat Attacks Woman And Her Dog On Their Doorstep In Florida

bobcat attack


That’s as wild as urban encounters come, right there.

As humans continue to sprawl out and take up more space, we will simply have more interactions with all animals as they adapt to the new environment around them.

The truth is, sometimes human activity can actually help certain animals. We tend to provide easy meals for many and they can learn to hang around for those meals.

Our fury friends just aren’t always safe from wild animals just because you are in the neighborhood.

Bobcats are known to be fairly weary of human presence. But, the need for a meal will often make animals act out of the norm. Another possibility for this strange behavior is rabies, something no one wants to encounter, but one that seems pretty likely here.

This woman is seen sprinting to her door screaming for her life.

As soon as she gets on the doorstep a bobcat is onto her and her dog. The woman violently shakes her dog trying to get the bobcat off as all three of them wrestle going in circles.

The woman shakes the bobcat off enough to get her door open and get inside just before the bobcat enters her house too.

“The homeowner called us to try to catch this bobcat that attacked her and her dog. I believe this bobcat has rabies. As you can see towards the end of the video, the cat tried to enter the house and showed no fear whatsoever.

Both the dog and the homeowner are OK, however the owner got some nasty bites and scratches, and is now going through rabies treatment. I am really hoping to catch this cat!”

Not fun…

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