Randall King Dropping ‘Honky Tonk BS’ EP Everywhere This Friday

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Randall King announced that his Honky Tonk BS EP, which was previously only available exclusively at live shows, will be out everywhere this Friday.

He shared the news in a post on Instagram, saying it will be available on all platforms in just a few days for our listening pleasure.

It will include five unreleased songs, which I’m sure will include some honky tonk heaters that he’s so damn good at making:

“Y’all we got a brand new EP coming out this Friday. For some of you it’s not brand new, ‘cuz it’s been out at live shows for the last year.

We’re finally bringing it  to all the platforms you can stream, download music. This one’s for the fans, man.

There’s so many songs that didn’t make my record ‘Shot Glass,’ that I love that I wanted to get out to you guys. So, this is for y’all, little five song EP called ‘Honky Tonk Bullshit’ out this Friday. Y’all get it.”

Randall released his major label debut album Shot Glass earlier this year, and it was fantastic, so I can’t wait to hear some of the other good stuff he has in his back pocket that didn’t quite make the cut on that record.

“This one’s for the fans! Had a few songs I loved that didn’t end up making the final album cut on Shot Glass.
I’m giving them to you this Friday! #htbs #newmusic.”

Randall also stopped by the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast not too long ago to talk about his crazy year and making Texas music in Nashville, so make sure you check it out if you haven’t yet.



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