Deer Hilariously Tries To Jump A Massive Fence… Doesn’t Make It

Deer fence

This deer thought she was a high jumping Olympian….

I mean, deer can jump pretty high, just not THAT high.

Deer are a funny animal and sometimes their own worst enemy. It’s hard to blame them though, they constantly have to be in defense mode.

It’s a hard life being low on the food chain, they even have to compete for food in a lot of areas. Their whole life is lived on the defense just trying to make it to tomorrow.

We’ve seen them make some questionable choices from jumping off bridges or making their way into many peoples houses. These choices are made in the name of survival but that doesn’t always mean their desired result comes to fruition.

This deer made a poor decision out of fear. As people approached the deer panicked to get some distance between itself and the people.

It took off on a full tear hoping to make the leap of its life over a high fence on the roadside. The deer makes a mighty fine leap that just isn’t good enough.

Only about two feet short…

The deer strikes the fence about ¾ of the way up and gets cartwheeled as it comes to a dead stop midair. The deer gets catapulted back down to the ground and takes off in the opposite direction.

Not this fence, not on this day…

Fence 1, Deer 0.

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