Big Ol’ Grizzly Bear Charges Truck At Full Speed On Montana Highway

Bear highway truck

Gas is on the right.

No one wants to see a mama grizz running at ya full speed. There’s not much good that can come from it regardless of the situation. Even with the protection of a truck, my heart would start pumping a lot harder than normal.

Grizzly bears are one of the most feared animals in North America and there’s a good reason for it. They are huge, with females weighing an average of 300-pounds in the Montana area.

That’s a 300-pound killer. These bears have to fight for everything. They fight to survive every day, finding food or even protecting their young against larger males.

Male grizzly bears will attack the young so they can breed with the female again. It’s truly a tough world out there for them.

This mama bear clearly has some past trauma she’s trying to protect from too…

As a mother drives the kids to school in Montana, they come across a group of grizzly bears.

As they get closer to the group, the vehicle slows down to get a better look and mama bear doesn’t like that one bit. She instantly turns towards the truck and comes barreling towards the road at full speed.

Of course the vehicle has no problem outrunning the bear, but nevertheless, that’ll get the blood pumping a bit.

Life in Montana, am I right?

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