Yellowstone Stories From The Bunkhouse: Is Jamie Going To Take The Dutton Family Down?

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Yellowstone is BACK once again, as season five premiered this past Sunday.

Needless to say, there’s a lot to uncover and discuss after episode one, and with that being said, Yellowstone “Stories from the Bunkhouse” is back once again to offer a perspective from Ryan (Ian Bohen), Colby (Denim Richards), and Jimmy (Jefferson White), Yellowstone’s favorite ranch hands.

The three kick things off by discussing John Dutton’s new election as governor of Montana.

White weighs in on the fact that Dutton is not only having to protect his own land, but the whole state of Montana in general.

They all agree that his intentions may not be corrupt at first, but his actions may ultimately lead to corruption.

White admits:

“There’s no good and evil. What John needs is very different than what other people need, and this is like one of the really interesting questions of the show from the beginning is there’s these mutually exclusive conflicts, where what people who live in Bozeman need, is different than what ranchers need.”

Bohen says:

“I think he’s going to use his powers as a giant shield, saying ‘Don’t come here.’ But if you do, he’ll unleash the power of Hell in his office.”

They then discuss the fact that Jamie is in the lowest point of his life after getting manipulated by Beth at the end of season four into killing his biological father, and now having to witness his father getting elected as governor of Montana, something he always dreamed of.

However, White notes that the political realm is Jamie’s specialty, and he knows that he has the upper hand in that arena out of anybody else in the family:

“So Jamie is kind of at the lowest point in his life, but at the same time the Dutton’s are stepping into the political arena, which is Jamie’s territory.

Jamie’s more comfortable in Helena, at the capital, than any of the other Duttons. So at the same time that Beth wields this terrible power over him, he also has the most leverage he’s had over the family.

If Jamie goes down, you know he’s not going to go down easy… he’s gonna be pulling John down with him, he’s gonna be pulling Beth down with him… all their fates are tied up together.” 

Even though Beth hates it, she knows she has to put up with Jamie for a while longer.

They then transition to the election party at the ranch, and how the ranch hands feel like fish out of water at a formal event like that.

Richards admits:

“What we personally were feeling is kinda the same as like what the characters are feeling, because it is very strange after so many years, it’s usually the same people at the ranch, and to all of a sudden then to walk out and be like hundreds of people.”

Bohen also discusses Ryan’s first encounter with Lainey Wilson’s character, Abby, and how smooth he was by literally “roping” her in.

Check it all out here:

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