Watch Rutting Bison Bulls Brawl It Out At Grand Teton National Park

bison grand teton

When the rut begins, stay the heck away from the bison.

Honestly, always stay away from them, but especially when they’re juiced to the gills on testosterone and out looking for a fight to prove their dominance.

Visitors to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming witnessed one of these epic battles a few years back and were able to capture some incredible raw footage of the power these guys have.

The action has already started when the video begins, but it seems as if both of them didn’t like another bull encroaching on their territory and immediately threw horns.

It’s a pretty even match for awhile, both bulls are able to push the other back and circle to keep inside control, but neither one backs down, ready to keep their heels dug in and defend what they believe to be theirs.

Out of the blue, a third bison decides to team up on one of them. Not really sure why or what he would get out of it since no doubt the winner would then set his sights on him, but hey, lend a helping hand and maybe get a few cows for yourself I’m sure he was thinking…

The video cuts when one of them takes a step back to regroup, but picks right back up in another clash of horns. This time one has a clear advantage and pushes the other sideways, skidding him across the plain until he finally calls it quits and walks away.


Yet another example of raw nature at its finest.

And a shining example of why you don’t pet the fluffy cows…

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