Owl Grabs Bluegill Right Out Of Fisherman’s Hand

hawk bluegill

Owls as a species are fairly rare to see in most areas. They are very nocturnal and don’t like to be around humans in most cases.

Owl and human interactions are typically very fluky and quick. The owls often make very fast tracks and head for more peaceful ground. The only time that they willingly stay around people is if food is involved or you happen to stumble upon a nesting site.

Owls are notorious killers though. They eat many different small mammals and birds, and there are many stories out there of owls hitting your fury friends right in the backyard for an easy meal.

The hit fast and hard like most birds of prey, but have razor sharp talons. Most of these birds have sharp talons but owls seem to have some of the sharpest. The hit for the kill zone often going for the throat of their prey with incredible accuracy.

This interaction is a rare one. A person might say “once-in-a-lifetime” but for me, that’s almost an understatement because there might be a handful of people who will ever experience it or even come close to capturing something like this on video.

This owl swoops down at a fisherman who just reeled in a respectable bluegill.

The man and woman are rattled that it tried to get it. So, they come up with the idea to see if they can feed the bird right out of their hands.

The man holds the fish high in the air for the owl to see. The owl comes down and grabs the fish right out of his hands, nicking the man just a little bit.

An injury that’s well worth it. A story they will remember for ever and watch over and over again in disbelief.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock