Majestic Red Stag Lets Loose Carnal Roar To Call In Hinds

red stag

To be honest, I thought red stag was just a great Jim Beam whiskey before this video, but I may just have a new favorite antlered animal.

The red stag is a truly impressive part of the red deer family.

Named for their thick, red tinted coat, they’re some of the largest land mammals on earth, clocking in at up to 500 pounds and over 8 feet long.

But even more astonishing are their antlers, which caused the creature to become one of the most sought after trophies in its native range of Europe, southwest Asia, and north Africa. They grow up to 45 inches and can weigh over 25 pounds a piece.

Oh, and they’ve been around for almost 15 million years, causing some scientists to scratch their heads and wonder how they’ve been able to survive that long.

While red stags are not native to New Zealand, a large number was introduced in 1800s to hunt and today the population is known to have some of the best genes on the planet.

Which leads up to this video of a majestic red stag sending a carnal roar into the sky, trying to attract mates, that will send the chill of raw nature down your spine.

This guy is a beast and he knows it too, boating well over 20 points by my non-professional count.

Pretty easy to see why hunters from around the world flock to get one of these racks on their wall.

And from what I read, they’re pretty dang tasty too, so the meat would go to a good cause.

Maybe someone can make this awesome venison stroganoff with it and send me some…

The red stag… Just another of nature’s awesome creatures.

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A beer bottle on a dock