Daughter Of The Year Takes Her Dad To The Strip Club For His 100th Birthday

The Lodge A Club For Men sign

Talk about living your best life in old age.

Gioacchino “Jack” Poma recently celebrated his 100th birthday – a milestone that clearly deserves a major celebration.

Well according to Jack’s daughter Dina, her dad loves two things: Women and boobs. So she decided to take him someplace where he could enjoy both for his big day.

The pair went to The Lodge, a strip club in Dallas, Texas, where according to TMZ, one dancer fed Jack pasta while another brought out a birthday cake.

But judging by the pictures, pasta and cake weren’t the only things ol’ Jack had his mouth on that night…

According to Dina, her father hadn’t been to a strip club since his youth. But his wife passed away 12 years ago, and the woman that he had been seeing since his wife’s death had also recently passed away. So, why not have a night out at the titty bar, right? Make up for lost time while you still can I guess.

The daughter said that her dad was “like a kid in a candy store,” and the folks who owned the strip club said that Jack was welcome back anytime.

As much as he seemed to be enjoying himself, seems like Jack might just become a strip club regular at the young age of 100.

But we’ve got to take a minute to acknowledge the real hero of the story here: It’s obviously the daughter (who I’m assuming is probably getting up there in years herself) who accompanied her dad to the strip club to enjoy some of the finer things in life while he’s still around.

Daughter of the Year right there, and it’s not particularly close.

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