Family Bowling Night Turns Into A Hilarious Full On Brawl: “Keep Doing Shots You F*cking Idiot”

bowling brawl

Growing up, there was probably a pretty good chance you went to the bowling alley with your family for a little family bonding fun.

It’s a great excuse to get out of the house and knock of some competitive steam just so you can try to break 100 and not be the embarrassment of the family.

However, sometimes that competitive edge can get a little rough…

And for this family affair, it appears things got out of hand.

In the footage, you can see a younger guy talking to who appears to be his uncle (one of the guys in the video says he’s the uncle).

They’re all visibly upset, and next thing you know they start throwing hands with each other like there’s no tomorrow, and next thing you know uncle Bob and nephew Cletus are on the ground.

The nephew also lands a punch, sending one of the older guys flying nearly halfway down the lane.

You can hear one of them sarcastically tell the young guy:

“What are you doing you drunk asshole… keep doing shots you f*cking idiot.”

So, what I’m guessing is that the young guy got a little too drunk off some bowling alley shots, and turned into a five-year-old kid after a couple too many…

And I say five-year-old kid, because he starts whining like a small child by the end of the video. Especially when the other guy tells him to find his own ride home and he spits on him:

“Go, get your own ride home… I’m serious, get out of here.”

Sheesh, gotta love some good time family bowling bonding.

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A beer bottle on a dock