Sierra Ferrell Performing “In Dreams” Live At Red Rocks Is Whimsical Perfection

Sierra Ferrell

The hippie queen, Sierra Ferrell, does it again.

Ferrell made her Red Rocks Amphitheater debut in early September, and the place was packed to see the rising star.

Ferrell is one of my favorite performers at the moment. From her stage outfits and energy to her vocal range and ability to captivate her audience, she really is just a joy to watch.

This week Ferrell released a video taken from the Red Rock performance of her singing her hit, “In Dreams.”

If you don’t know this song by now….you might be living under a rock.

She starts playing a slowed version of the intro guitar riff, and the crowd goes wild. As she gears up to kick off the song, the fans anticipate what is coming.

She steps up to the mic in her full fringe sequin body suit and beings to belt out the lyrics.

The upbeat tempo is addictive to the ear, and her band supports her beautifully on mandolin and fiddle.

There is very little Ferrell can do wrong in my eyes, and this performance is no exception. It’s fantastic all around and a must-watch if you love “In Dreams.”

Here is another fan clip of Ferrell performing her tune with the Shakey Graves before they came out for their set.

“Ready Or Not”

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