Group Of Aggressive Orcas Rip Off Rudder & Sink Boat Off Coast Of Portugal


This looks straight from the script of Jaws.

Except… whales…

For those of y’all who have seen the movie, you probably vividly remember when the boat begins to sink, and the massive Great White shark is basically swallowing the boat (and the crazy sailor on the boat) whole.

Needless to say, that was enough for seven year old me to not want to go out on a boat in the ocean for a hot minute.

Of course, it’s only a movie, and you never actually believe something like that would happen in real life, right?


Because that’s the exact situation these sailors got into.

Video footage has gone viral of a boat sinking in the middle of the ocean.

The majority of the boat is basically completely submerged under water, and things ain’t lookin’ too hot.

And to make matters worse?

There are a few massive Orcas that are circling around the boat as well, looking like they’re ready to feed off the first whiff of blood they smell.

Luckily, the passengers aboard the boat were able to get escorted to safety, but needless to say, the footage of these killer whales is absolutely terrifying, and that’s simply a situation I hope I never find myself in at any point of my life.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock