Annoyed Elk Chases Down Stupid Tourist In Estes Park, Colorado

Elk Charger

Some people just need to learn the hard way.

As unfortunate as that is, we see nearly everyday on here.

Time and time again these people make poor decision and get far to close to large animals that can seriously ruin their whole day.

Elk are massive. Bull elk can weigh up to 1,000-pounds and cows around 500-pounds. By any standards, that’s a large animal. Add in the fact that they are pure muscle with very long legs and a mean kick and you have yourself some trouble.

These animals just want to live in peace. The truth is, we are in their area, natural they are going to be in the towns that are in their limited territory. It doesn’t mean they want to be around us though. The best thing we can do is observe from a safe distance.

Estes park is home to a very healthy elk population with 600-800 that spend their winters there.

So, if you’re in the area, be careful.

This man was not. He is seen approaching a group of elk, with one in particular paying close attention to him as he approaches in.

The elk is annoyed and immediately goes on the offense. The man tries to hide but the elk chases him down as he scrambles for his life.

He hides behind multiple trees as a bunch of people realizes he’s in trouble. A vehicle gets between the man and the elk which provides enough of a safety net for the elk to leave the situation.

That was a close one. Don’t be this guy.

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A beer bottle on a dock