CBS Sports Radio Host Literally Sh*ts Himself On Air From Laughing Too Hard


You ever laughed so hard in your life, that you sh*t your pants?

No, no I have not. Maybe I’ve just never reached that level of humor before, but God if that’s the end result I hope I never do.

But apparently, it’s a thing, because this specific CBS Sports radio host was laughing so hysterically while on air, that he doo-doo’d himself.

On The Damon Amendolara Show this morning, the squad was ironically talking about the Phillie Phanatic (Philadelphia Phillies mascot) pooping on people’s chests.

Amendolara said:

“Does that Phanatic do that?

I mean, really, did he do that to Dale Murphy? When is that a ‘thing’ that the Phillie Phanatic does?”

Morash hilariously responded:

“Oh my God, Bobby Cox is down, prone! Here comes the Phanatic squattin’ over him!

Oh no! David Wright, get off the ground! Here comes the Phanatic!

That image… of the Phillie Phanatic… squatting over Mike Schmidt, who is laying on his back on the ground like a turtle on his shell…

‘Oh no, Phanatic, no! No, no, no! He’s a legend! He’s a franchise icon! No! Don’t do it! I know you had scrapple yesterday! No! No! I know you had Gino’s, went right through you! Don’t do it!’

“Morash says it offhandedly like that’s what the Phanatic does. You know, he shoots hot dogs into the stands, takes dumps on your chest…”

Morash was laughing so hard, that he quite simply… pooped his pants himself.

You can see it here:

Morash had to run to the bathroom to clean himself up, and Amendolara called him out on his way back, saying he looked like:

“Dog who just peed on the floor. On the one hand I’m glad that he laughed so loud, it must have been funny.

On the other hand I’m really terrified of a guy that if you laugh really loud, can’t control the bowels.”

As much as he was sorta able to laugh it off, he admitted he was super embarrassed:

“Luckily it wasn’t mega poundage… just a little wet. Honestly, I know you guys think I can laugh, I’m ashamed tight now… I kinda hope went I came back you  \guys would be halfway through the update.”

So, let this be a life lesson to all reading.

Do not joke about pooping, because you just might do it to yourself from uncontrollable laughter.

That being said, when is a grown man shitting his own pants no hilarious? It always is…

He blamed his my… genetics:

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