Black Bear Trots Across The Road With Her Cub And A Massive Salmon

Nicky bear

This bear just put a whole lot of fisherman to shame real quick.

A whole lot of fisherman who would kill for a catch like that.

Bears in general in Alaska have some of the best eatin’ in the bear world. It’s some wild country and there’s lots of game, lots of forest and lots of fish in many areas.

Fish provide one of the best sources of protein and fat for these bears. Some Grizzlies will pretty much live on the river during the right time of year catching salmon all day long.

Black bears aren’t particularly known for their fishing abilities but that doesn’t mean they don’t do it.

Black bears consume around 5,000-calories day throughout most of the year, bumping that up more during the late summer and fall getting ready for hibernation.

Add in a cub, and you have one motivated mama bear. They have to teach the bears the ropes quickly so they can survive in the wild world they live in.

This bear is a known one in the local area. She’s seen sporting a freshly caught salmon with her cub tailing closely behind as they run across the road.

The fish is massive. Even if she’s a small bear, that’s a massive fish. I mean, the salmon is nearly the size of the cub.

What a catch.

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A beer bottle on a dock