Mama Bear Hilariously Chooses To Raid A Minivan With Her 4 Cubs In Upstate New York

black bear mom

Now, that’s hilarious.

Black bears are perpetually on the hunt for food, and their curious nature and voracious appetites lead them into the most comical of situations. They can consume up to 20-pounds of food in a day while preparing for winter hibernation. Basically, they are pros at finding food… anywhere.

Mix in a few cubs, and you have yourself a very motivated and skilled food hunter.

They will eat just about anything from scavenged animals to the roots of some plants. They will go through your vehicle looking for a single chip bag to lick the crumbs out. Anything to get those calories in.

Black bears give birth to cubs mid winter of each year. They give birth to on average one to three cubs, occasionally seeing more than that. They are born furless and very small but continue to grow until the spring when they all come out of hibernation and enter the world.

This mother bear is seen sporting her four cubs arounds. Having more cubs typically means she was very healthy.

Clearly, this mother is smart too. She is seen sliding open the back doors of a minivan and letting all her cubs inside. She also opens up the front doors.

She knowns what vehicle she needs with this many kids.

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A beer bottle on a dock