Mako Shark Leaps From The Water & Lands Right On Fisherman’s Boat

mako shark jump


We’ve seen a number of sharks interfering with fishing trips here lately, and needless to say, they are the last competitors you want while trying to reel in a trophy fish while deep sea fishing.

From a shark stealing a fisherman’s mackerel, and another shark going bonkers while trying (but failing) to steal a group of young fishermen’s catch, sharks are going to give every last drop of effort they got in an effort to feed themselves.

And this latest run-in with a shark on a fishing trip is unlike any I’ve ever seen before.

A group of fishermen were fishing for kingfish off the coast of Whitianga in New Zealand’s North Island…

And boy, this is gonna be one they’ll never forget.

Video footage from Churchys Charters NZ shows a large Mako shark leaping from the water, and landing on the front of the boat:

“Crazy moment when this Mako Shark jumped onto the front of the boat! Definitely heart racing!”

Luckily, they said the shark was able to make its way back into the water:

“It was on the boat for more than two minutes but then it lowered itself back in the water safely – it wasn’t hurt so it was a happy outcome for everyone.

My heart was racing – I had to sit down for a bit. Everyone was stunned. Then we took a few minutes, and then we just got back into fishing.” 

The leaping Mako was more than likely chasing the same baitfish as the fishermen, which ultimately resulted in the wild scene.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock