Whiskey Riff Song Of The Week: “Raleigh” By 49 Winchester

49 winchester country music
Joshua Black Wilkins

Happy Monday, y’all.

Today for the Song of the Week, we have a tune by our guys 49 Winchester called “Raleigh.”

From their 2020 III album, frontman Isaac Gibson tells the story of longing for a woman who he’s thinking about while he’s out on the road traveling to Raleigh, North Carolina, with his heart back home in southwest Virginia.

My favorite part is the second verse, where he talks about how she looks wearing red and how he can’t help but imagine their potential, hoping she’ll still be there when he gets back:

“Thank God the jukebox had George JonesIf you wouldn’t have known all the wordsI would have left you there alone‘Cause you look just like some trouble wearin’ redAnd I ain’t the kind of man that needs that runnin’ through his head”

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times, but if you’re not already on the 49 Winchester train, do yourself a favor and hop on now because you’re already late…

And hey, if you haven’t heard their music before, “Raleigh” is a great place to start.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit biased about how much I love this song, because I’m from the great state of North Carolina myself, but it’s seriously one of my favorite songs the Virginia boys have ever put out and is guaranteed to make your Monday so much better:

And how ’bout a little bit of “Russell County Line” from yesterday at Greenville Country Music Fest, with frontman Isaac Gibson rocking our Riff Outdoors bass fishing t-shirt:


@49 Winchester at Greenville Country Music Fest 🤘🏼

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