Twitter Roasts Luke Bryan For Looking Hammered On Peyton & Eli’s Monday Night Football “ManningCast”

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I can’t get enough of these ManningCasts.

ESPN found a diamond in the rough by deciding to let brothers Peyton and Eli Manning critique the Monday Night Football game every week, and there truly is never a dull moment.

And perhaps one of the best, and at times, the worst, parts about the ManningCast are the guests they bring on every week.

It’s either the most hilarious portion of the night, or the biggest dud.

With that being said, Luke Bryan made an appearance on the ManningCast tonight, ahead of the CMA Awards on Wednesday, which he’ll be co-hosting alongside Peyton Manning.

And considering Bryan is a massive Georgia Bulldogs fan, and Peyton Manning is the most beloved quarterback in Tennessee Volunteer history, it was good to hear them banter about the game.

And as it turns out, Peyon owes Luke a hundred bucks after the Dawgs handed the Vols their first loss of the season on Saturday, 27-13.

However, either Bryan was a deer in the headlights for his time slot, maybe a little tired from celebrating the big win, or he was half in the bag on a Monday night, because my guy seemed to be a bit off his game…

Peyton, on the other hand, was sharp as a tack, roasting Luke for always falling off the stage.

And needless to say, I’m not the only one who sees it, because just about everybody and their brother is calling it out on Twitter too…

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