Tree Trimmer And A Cougar Have A Wild Staredown Up In A Tree

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I’ll echo what everybody else wants to know… how’d he get his massive balls up in that tree?

Sure, arborists climb trees all the time, but a tree is a cougar’s environment. It’s a way off life for them. When it comes to climbing trees, they are one of the most skilled large animals in North America.

Although they don’t necessarily do a lot of attacking from up in a tree, and generally use trees to safely hide or rest, the thought of having to fight one of these beasts high above the ground is terrifying.

Cougars are one of the fiercest predators that roam our woods. One of the more elusive animals out there, they hunt fast, and they hunt often.

It’s rare to sneak up on one, they generally know about you a long while before you know about them. However, they typically steer clear of people.

In this instance, the kitty is up in a tree, probably doing its best to stay away from people. Although, the sound of dogs leads me to believe that it might be trying to escape a hunter.

The man is seen with is climbing gear on staring a cougar straight in the face up in a tree.

As they stare back and forth, I’m over here sweating behind my keyboard. Meanwhile, the cougar is hissing at the man, who is yelling back to avoid any type of physical confrontation.

While it’s unlikely, I wouldn’t want to be face to face with an animal that can jump up to 40-feet horizontally.

Nevertheless, it seems like this cougar was the target of a hunter so we’re not exactly sure how it all ended.


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