Chris Stapleton To Release A Cover Of Al Green’s “I’m A Ram”

Chris Stapleton country music

Hot damn.

Last year, in the spring, Chris Stapleton partnered with RAM Trucks on a version of Al Green’s 1971 song, “I’m A Ram.”

Snippets of the song were solely used for commercials, and I’m damn near positive that Chris never performed it live, but now, he’ll officially be releasing it as a new single.

Originally written by Al Green and Teenie Hodges, it was released on his Al Green Gets Next To You album in 1971.

Set to drop on November 11th, it was produced by the great Dave Cobb (unless he recorded a new one).

Chris also explained why he likes to cover songs:

“I always like to cover songs because I don’t have any ego about ’em. There are lots of great songs to record and there are lots of great songs that I like to sing.

I’m always gonna try to cover things, a lot of my heroes covered things, ya know Willie Nelson’s covered other people’s songs, Aretha Franklin always covered other people’s songs. If there’s a good song out there, it’s always worth singing even if  you didn’t write it.”

He also had praises for the song “I’m a Ram” itself:

“You know we played it with hopefully the most respect and reverence and I’m sure we had a fun time doing it, I think it’s a great song that makes you feel good, makes you feel like you wanna get in a truck and drive down the road.”

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