Chargers New Kicker, Cameron Dicker, Was Going To Carrie Underwood Concert When He Got The Call, Nails Game-Winning Kick

Cameron Dicker football

Dicker the Kicker is back.

At the start of this week, 22-year-old Cameron Dicker didn’t even think he’d be on an NFL roster, let alone knocking in a game winning kick for the San Diego Chargers as time expired in Atlanta.

But that’s exactly what happened today, after a wonky play with a pair of fumbles left the Chargers with about 40 seconds left at the Falcons’ 40.

A couple plays later, Dicker the Kicker would be kicking a game winning 37-yarder that would put the Chargers at 5-3 on the season.

Dicker got the call from his agent earlier this week, telling him he needed to get to an airport as soon as he could.

What was he doing? He was planning on a going to the Carrie Underwood concert in Austin, Texas.

After the game, he told the media that the second he got the call, he ditched the concert and hopped on a flight:

“I was planning on going to a Carrie Underwood concert on Tuesday night, Monday night or whenever it was when I got the call.

I was like, ‘Oh my agent is calling, this is weird!’ He said, ‘How fast can you be at the airport?’ I said an hour and a half, hopped on a flight and came right out.

I would not have thought that I would be here. It’s cool to have these opportunity to be able to do my thing… it’s the first time I’ve ever been lifted up like that, so it’s cool.”

And believe it or not, it’s not his first game-winning kick this season.

Dicker knocked in a 23-yard kick in Week 5 to give the Philadelphia Eagles a 20-17 win over the Arizona Cardinals, even earning him the title of NFC Special Teams Player of the Week.

Unfortunately, he was relegated to the Eagles’ practice squad immediately after that game, and eventually cut, before being picked up by the Chargers ahead of this week.

But hey, not bad for two NFL starts.

Maybe Carrie will hook him up for her next show in San Diego.

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