Herd Of Elk Stops Traffic In Colorado

Elk colorado

That’ll be a tough one to explain to your boss, especially if they happen to be an elk hunter who doesn’t bag one this year.

Elk hunting is well known to be one of the most difficult out there, clocking in with a country-wide average 42% success rate, due mainly to the remote areas they live in, the difficulty it is to spot one even when you do make it to their homeland, and their great sense of smell detection to get the hell away from you before you get a shot off.

Some states have an even lower success rate, like in Colorado where hunters bag one at around a 20% clip, which makes this video that came out of Evergreen so cool.

A herd of around 25 elk stopped traffic while slowly crossing Highway 74 in the small town known for beautiful hikes and great wildlife sightings.

Residents said the elk typically migrate through the area around this time each year, so sights like this aren’t as uncommon as us who don’t live in elk states may think.

Regardless, hell of a way to start the morning.

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