3-Legged Buck Defies The Odds In Rut Fight And Comes Out On Top

Three legged buck

Tough as nails.

Seeing an animal with a major disadvantage is always hard, but spectacular at the same time. It shows these animals’ true colors and serves as a reminder just how tough and resilient they truly are.

In the words of Johnny Cash, in A Boy Named Sue, “I knew ya’d have to get tough or die”.

That’s their only option. And time and time again these animals prove it.

Deer arguably have it the roughest for large animals. They are on the small side of the overall deer family when you compare them to moose, elk or caribou. Just about everything wants to eat them from bears to cougars, wolves and coyotes. Even they odd bird or bobcat will have a go at them if the circumstances are right.

Not to mention disease, hunters, farm equipment, cars on the highway… there is a lot of bad things that can happen to them. Sometimes you wonder how there’s even deer present in some areas.

But, they are there because they are tough and able to withstand the whole world against them.

And this buck is Exhibit A.

The young buck is seen hobbling along coming out into an open area, missing its front left leg.

He turns around, and immediately, another young buck charges on attack.

The disabled buck doesn’t flinch but just braces for impact. As the pair connect heads it seems like there will be an obvious winner.

But, the 3-legged deer pushed back and pushes back hard. He actually gains the immediate ground and quickly pushes off the other deer.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

That’s one tough animal… gotta love it.

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