Dad Hilariously Breaks Into Tears After Listening To Tim McGraw’s “Don’t Take The Girl” For The First Time

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I am willing to bet we all remember the first time we listened to “Don’t Take The Girl” by Tim McGraw.

Written by Craig Martin and Larry W. Johnson, it was recorded and released in March 1994 as the second single from his album Not a Moment Too Soon.

The fifth single of his career, it was his first #1 in what became a long, long line of #1 hit singles.

The traumatic, heart-rending tale of a Johnny’s evolving love for his partner only to be left on a cliffhanger about her health and wellness in the final verse still makes me tear up just thinking about it.

But in country music, it’s proven fact that sad songs make us happy. You can check out our playlist if you want to test out this theory, or you can take it from this viral husband on TikTok who isn’t a country music fan, but was caught crying after his wife forced him to dissect the narrative behind the Tim McGraw classic.

The video features a rap-loving husband on his first trip down the dreary tale that is “Don’t Take The Girl,” and much to no one’s surprise, he loses it just like the rest of us and finds himself getting choked up before the second verse is even over, and his wife shares the entire journey with followers.

His final thoughts on the experience:

“How do you not cry at Tim McGraw’s ‘Don’t Take The Girl?!’ It will get me emotional every time… It’s a sad song!”

We’ve all been there, man…

@mellorliteWhen people ask me if my husband ever cries 😂♬ Don’t Take The Girl – Tim McGraw

Take it away, Tim…


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