Mountain Lion Ragdolls Unlucky Deer On California Front Porch

Mountain Lion california


Right in your backyard (well, front yard technically) but just a little too close to home.

Mountain lions or cougars are stealthy killers.

Widely known for their masterful hunting abilities, they hit hard and fast going right for the kill zone every time, nailing the neck of the prey.

They are an elusive animal, in many areas, and despite being pretty relatively common across the western half of the United States, people rarely see them.

The largest cat in North America, they top out around 175-pounds… not exactly a kitty I want on my front porch.

With that, they often are found where deer or other members of the deer family are plentiful. They love deer, they can kill one and make it last for a week and a half before needing to hunt again.

This lion was spotted in a San Francisco-area neighborhood, and in the footage, you hear the dog barking as the homeowner turns on the yard lights to expose the cougar’s fresh kill, a big ol’ deer.

The deer looks to be nearly the same body size as the cat, yet cat drags it off with ease. Light as a feather…

According to the homeowner, the deer came to the porch to nibble on some rose bushes:

“The deer had wandered onto the porch to eat some roses, but was slammed into a set of metal railings by its attacker. The mountain lion then brought its prey’s life to a quick end by breaking its neck and dragging the carcass away.”

Off the mountain lion goes… until its next hunt.

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