Lainey Wilson Teases Clip Of Her Performing “Heart Like A Truck” With University Of Nebraska Omaha Choir

Lainey Wilson country music

So…. I will need Lainey Wilson to release the whole video as soon as possible.

This video gave me chills.

Wilson stopped at the University of Nebraska Omaha and did an exceptional performance of “Heart Like a Truck,” featuring the school’s choir. This is harmony heaven.

This is one of my all-time favorite Wilson songs. I know we all say that, but truly, this song resonated with the season of life I was in when it was released, and I WORE the hell out of this song and still do.

If this song doesn’t end up on my Spotify Wrapped, we have an issue with that algorithm.

The Bell Bottom Country gal is accompanied on stage by a pianist, a few acoustic guitars, and a drummer playing a cajon. Overwhelmingly though, you hear the 30+ choir members supporting Wilson throughout the vocals.

Wilson is belting out the vocals with ease, and the vast amount of harmonies behind her are heavenly on the ears. You barely hear anything but the percussion and the vocals….it’s plain fantastic.

Also, not that I have any business being on that stage, but what an incredible experience for these young musicians. Wilson is a powerhouse among female country artists, and fans love her for her songwriting and authentic image.

If any of these kids are fans of hers, what an honor to sing alongside her.

If I like the sound of the chorus this much, I can only imagine how magical the whole performance must have been.

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