Zach Bryan Says ‘Don’t Be Naïve’ Podcast Is Returning In December

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I’m sure Zach Bryan won’t have any good stories to share about his life this year…

I kid, I kid, because he just announced that his podcast Don’t Be Naïve will return next month.

He initially launched it back in January of 2021, but it was pretty short lived because he admitted himself that he didn’t quite know what he was doing, and the episodes were taken down (likely due to copyright infringement because of some of the music he used).

Anywho, he relaunched it again in May of 2021, but it didn’t last very long then either, and all the episodes which he had exclusively on Youtube are gone.

But according to Twitter, he says it will pick back up in December, with the first episode featuring some of his band members discussing his major label debut album American Heartbreak, the subsequent tour they’ve been out on all year, as well as his Summertime Blues EP.

Yeah, this certainly will not suck:

“‘Don’t Be Naive’ will be back in December. First Episode will be some of the boys and me explaining tour, American Heartbreak and Summertime Blues.”

Zach is pretty open in terms of interacting with fans on social media, but this will take it to a whole different level in terms of getting to know him more as a person.

His loyal, dedicated fanbase is extremely passionate and supports everything he does, so I’m sure this will be a big hit, and hopefully, will be around for a little while longer on this go around.

He’s been traversing the country in support of his aforementioned behemoth 34-song record for months now, and I think we’re in for some great behind-the-scenes stories from his travels and musical endeavors when this launches next month.

His last stop is actually this Thursday evening at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, where he’s hoping to record a live album, as well, so let’s all say a prayer that the weather is decent and he can go through with it:

He’s got a point there…

Zach dropped a live version of “Starved” from a show in Detroit, and whenever we do finally get a full live album, it promises to be absolutely epic:

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