Viral Video Of Bull Moose Walking Down Alaskan Street Really Puts Their Massive Size In Perspective

Bull Moose
Oddly Terrifying

Look at this big fella here…

We all know moose are big animals. Giant antlers, over 1000 pounds, known to stomp out wolves and fight off bears, but it’s still hard to get an actual feel of how big these monsters are if, like me, you’ve never seen one in person.

Well, a video that blew up a few years ago does a pretty damn good job of putting their size in perspective.

Drivers in Alaska are constantly on the lookout for all kids of creatures, but when they saw this guy walking down a median late one night, even they were blown away and had to stop for a closer look.

One of the most northern sounding dudes I’ve ever heard got a great video while driving past the moose, and it’s just beyond impressive how tall, wide, and majestic this thing is.

Just compare him to the SUV on the other side of the road, he’s got to be a foot and a half taller and just and wide and long, maybe more.

Of course, the guy took the opportunity to deliver some great commentary, as only an Alaskan can…

“Look at this big fella here… Wow, Kaleigha look at him he’s huuge…

Hey there bud. Heeey there bud… Got a beer there bud, are ya just gonna send it? Ya? You’re just gonna send it there, eh bud?”

What an incredible and noble beast.

I’ve got to get up there and see some of these for myself. I see so many videos daily of these guys but still have a tough time believing they’re just walking around up there…

The world sure is incredible.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock