Texas Dog Daycare Owner Under Fire For New Sign: “Now Hiring Non-Stupid People”

Help wanted sign

My dad taught me at a young age:

“You can’t fix stupid.”

I’ll admit, I was pretty blinded by the amount of “stupid” people there really are in this world, until I took this job here at Whiskey Riff.

And I’ll tell you what, the more time you spend on the internet, the more weird, crazy, dumb and downright insane shit. I thought that stories of women stealing their neighbor’s goats and painting them blue, druggies offering cops “dank gummies,” and a “resort for swingers” were mere fairytales, but no…

These people are really out there…

So, who can blame a business owner for wanting to be straightforward about not wanting to hire idiots?

To me, I feel like he’s doing all of the morons in Pasadena, Texas, a favor, but apparently that’s not the majority opinion.

Let me introduce you to Walter Parsons, the owner of Pets Gone Wild Resort, a local dog kennel in Pasadena.

He had the legendary idea of creating a “We’re Hiring” sign, but added a little twist…

It reads:

“Now hiring non-stupid people”

Parsons told KHOU11:

“We’re trying to weed out the people that do come in. We hired one last week that lasted three days.”

Although you would think he was simply stating the obvious, and addressing the elephant in the room when it comes to hiring new employees, there are actually a ton of Pasadena residents who are offended by Parsons’ sign.

One resident told the outlet:

“What does it say to prior employees? ‘Oh, we think you’re stupid so we’re trying to hire somebody that we think is smarter than you’?

The fact that they felt so emboldened to put something up there like that, it’s disgusting, it’s distasteful and it’s unprofessional.”

Well, yeah…

Although there are some residents enraged by the sign, Parsons’ tactics appear to be working, as he’s found three applicants in only 24 hours of posting the sign.

Parsons also defended himself, saying that previous employees weren’t doing their jobs, and only cared about looking at their cellphones:

“Repeatedly, ‘Get off your cellphone, you’ve got dogs to watch.’ ‘OK, put the cellphone up, go back out there.’ Twenty minutes later, she’s back on her cellphone. At least be as smart as I am.

Come through here and take a tour and take a look at the responsibility that we have. Would you put your child somewhere that wasn’t dedicated, that didn’t have smart people in it?”

What do you think?

Out of bounds or completely valid… let us know.

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