Kid Steals All The Halloween Candy On Neighbor’s Doorstep, Flips Off The Camera On His Way Out

Trick or treater

For those who were born in the ’80s or before, or have an appreciation for shitty ’90s films, then there’s a pretty good chance the movie Problem Child rings a bell to you.

You know, the movie starring John Ritter, about a single dad who basically has Satan himself as a son, wreaking havoc on everything and everybody in town.

That’s the first thing that came to my mind once I saw this video.

Growing up, you’d always encounter those families with candy bowls on Halloween, that were always sure to remind you:

“Please take one”

And then hand you a York Peppermint Patty or some garbage like that.

Needless to say, this kid right here doesn’t abide by those rules, because he’s an absolute menace.

In the video captured by a Ring doorbell cam, you see the kid approach a massive bowl full of candy with a bookbag.

He takes the bookbag off, unzips it, and says:

“Let’s see…”

And proceeds to take the whole bowl and dump it all into his bookbag, and gives a nice little number one symbol to the camera, running off with all the candy.

And then he gives the most diabolical laugh I’ve ever heard.

Although this kid appears to be a complete asshole, I at least have to respect the fact that he wasn’t even scared of blowing his cover.

Seriously, no mask or anything.

Bold strategy, cotton

Granted, it might be staged, but if not… mom and dad must be real proud of this one.

That being said… I can’t help but laugh at the little punk.

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A beer bottle on a dock