Get To Know Vincent Neil Emerson On First Episode Of Western AF’s “Lone Star Stories”

Vincent Neil Emerson country music

If you are a fan of Vincent Neil Emerson, this video is a must-watch.

Presented by Western AF, The Lone Star Stories is a new series that features Texas-born artists and gives us listeners insights into who they are off the stage.

And Episode 1 features the great Vincent Neil Emerson.

The Canton-born singer and songwriter has a backstory that might shock most. After a rough hand of cards, Emerson was a high school dropout who was homeless. He started to get local gigs and was a natural on the stage.

He knew he wanted to make it as a songwriter and was mentored by Charley Crockett and Colter Wall to help perfect his craft.

“I met Charley playing around Dallas. He took off like a rocket ship, and he’s done everything in his power to help me and champion me. 

When I met Colter, he took me on tour and introduced me to a nationwide audience. So, if it weren’t for those boys, I wouldn’t be anywhere.” 

In the interview, he compares songwriting to the craft of hat-shaping, and it’s such a great perspective.

Emerson’s view of being a part of this next generation of country music artists is fresh and exciting. You can tell he loves what he does and is rolling with the wave of fame thrown at him.

Even with the more extensive fan base, he still stays true to his Texas roots.

Emerson is a true artist. Heavily influenced by the land, his experiences, the different cities of Texas that he has resided in, and his family, he can see beauty in pain and turn it into lyrics that stick to your ribs.

Emerson is just getting started, and this video makes you appreciate his achievements thus far even more.

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