Michigan State Football Players Jump Michigan Player In The Tunnel After Game

MSU fight

For all of you college football fans out there, you know that Michigan vs. Michigan State is a bitter in-state rivalry.

Every year, there’s a lot of smack talk and pushing and shoving going on on the field, and it’s pretty much inevitable when the game rolls around.

Yesterday, the number four ranked Michigan Wolverines got the best of the Michigan State Spartans, winning 29-7, and the game was pretty much Michigan’s after the first quarter.

Of course, the Wolverines are undefeated, while Michigan State has played well below expectations after a great season last year, as they fell to 3-5 on the season after last night’s loss.

However, the beatdown on the field may not be the biggest headline from the game.

Following the game, video footage shows a number of Michigan State players practically ganging up on and jumping Michigan defensive back Ja’Den McBurrows in the tunnel.

It appears he gets punched and kicked several times before its broken up, and you can hear somebody in the background say:

“What is going on?”

Although there’s only footage of McBurrows getting jumped, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh said there were two of his players that were assaulted, according to FOX News.

He said:

“Two of our players were assaulted. I saw on the one video. Ten on one. It was pretty bad. It needs to be investigated.”

An investigation is underway in partnership with the Michigan State University police, according to University of Michigan Deputy Chief of Police Melissa Overton.

She said:

“Situations like these, and the safety of the community, are taken very seriously.”

Not a good look, Michigan State.

MSU President Samuel Stanley issued the following statement:

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