Gabe Lee Continues To Impress With Release Of New Album, ‘The Hometown Kid’

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Love me some Gabe Lee.

We’ve been anticipating this new album, The Hometown Kid, for quite some time now, and it’s everything we hoped for and more.

His 2020 Honky Tonk Hell album was easily one of our favorites that year, and this new one, is a shoe-in to be on the Whiskey Riff 2022 Albums of the Year list.

Prior to the launch, the guy released some HEATERS for singles like “Rusty” and “Over You,” and it was easy to see that this new album had the potential to be his best work to date…

And boy, he came through.

When he broke the news about the upcoming release, he shared:

“This album is about departing and returning to your hometown.

More specifically, it’s about the discovery, searching, and maturing that comes not only with being gone, but with returning to the place you come from.”

When it comes to Gabe Lee’s style and songwriting, the first thing that always comes to mind is his versatility.

The man knows how to perfectly mix country, Americana, southern rock, and folk, and all of those elements are evident on The Hometown Kid.

Each song on the album paints the perfect picture of what life was like for Lee, growing up near the bright lights of Broadway in Nashville, and he brings this sense of deep reflection, and also self awareness within each and every song.

Here are a few of my favorites:

“Lucky Stars”

“Never Rained Again”


“Over You”

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A beer bottle on a dock